Snail 8 Age Defense

Skin Repair Day Cream TEST

Snail 8 Age Defense

Skin Repair Day Cream

เอจ ดีเฟนส์ สกิน รีแพร์ เดย์ ครีม

  • Smoothens, softens and hydrates the skin.
  • Increases skin hydration during the day.
  • Reduces and prevents wrinkles.


Suitable for ทุกสภาพผิว

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Daily skin nourishing cream made essentially from genuinely superior snail slime extract to get rid of age wrinkles. An innovative skin care product of Siam Snail, backed up by intensive research, also contains   natural extracts of magnolia tree, honey and aloe vera that helps to reduce skin inflammation and stimulate skin cell renewal, along with peptides extracted from fermented beans to help moisturize and tighten the skin.




Apply small dabs, 5 or more, of the cream to the face, and massage softly and evenly throughout the entire face and neck until it is absorbed into the skin.

For best results, apply Snail 8 Age Defense Advanced Serum before using the cream every day.